Swimming is a life skill, great exercise, and a challenging sport. RAPRD offers swim lessons for all ages. Swim year-round in our heated, indoor pool!



Our Mission

At Redmond Aquatic Academy we believe that teaching water safety saves lives and that learning to swim opens up a world of recreational and fitness opportunities that span a lifetime. Our mission is to provide effective, accessible and engaging aquatic programs for all ages and abilities.


Water Babies | 6 months - 3 yrs | Cascade Swim Center 

Water babies is a parent and child aquatics program designed to introduce infants & toddlers to water environments, teach basic skills, and support parent/child aquatic activities. Water babies will learn to be comfortable in the pool, blow bubbles, learn basic water safety skills, floats, rudimentary kicking, etc. Parents will learn how to help their children become swimmers. Swimmers will increase their comfort level both in and out of the water. Parents are included in the water. Five AM and PM sessions.


Pre-School Levels | 3-5 yrs| Cascade Swim Center 

The pre-school swim lesson program emphasizes positive reinforcement while encouraging kids to have fun and be safe in the water. Five AM and PM sessions.


Six Yrs & Up Basic Levels | 6 yrs & up | Cascade Swim Center 

The first 3 levels of Aqua-Kids (white, orange and green) are the basic levels. After the participant completes these levels, they can either continue in the color program and take the "Swim for Life" track, or branch off to the Junior Eels program. Five AM and PM sessions.


Swim-for-Life Levels | 6 yrs & up | Cascade Swim Center 

The last 2 levels of the color lessons (blue & black) are known as Swim-for-Life. The Swim-for-Life water safety and recreational swimming track are designed to provide participants with a well-rounded foundation for a lifetime of safety and enjoyment. Participants will graduate with the knowledge and skills to be water-safe, competent, and confident swimmers. Additionally, participants will be introduced to a wide variety of fun aquatic activities including snorkeling, water polo, springboard diving and more. Five AM and PM sessions.

Junior Eels Pre-Competition (Levels 1 & 2) | 6 yrs & up| Cascade Swim Center 

The Junior Eels Competition track is designed for swim lesson participants who have the goal of becoming competitive swimmers and joining the Redmond Aquatic Club Eels (RACE.)  RACE is Redmond’s year round USA Swimming age group swim team (ages 8-18.)  The focus of the two Junior Eels levels is to prepare participants to be competitive swimmers.  Aquatic activities and swim skills that are unrelated competitive swimming are deemphasized, and, in some cases, excluded from the curriculum of the Junior Eel levels.  The program is designed to be a fun, but rigorous, initiation into the world of competitive swimming. It is recommended that participants in this program have a sincere interest in the sport of swimming and plan on joining a competitive team. Five AM and PM sessions.

Youth/Adult Beginners Swim Lessons | 12 yrs & up| 6:00-6:30pm| Cascade Swim Center 

It's never too late to become a swimmer. Learn to build confidence, basic water adjustment skills, enhancement stroke technique and swim full laps. If you are new to swimming, or want to improve on your limited ability, this class is individualized to meet your needs. Prerequisite: UNABLE to swim 25 meters (1 pool length). 


Lifeguarding Class | 15 yrs & up | Cascade Swim Center

Lifeguarding is a tremendously rewarding profession and certified lifeguards are always in demand. This summer CSC is offering an American Red Cross lifeguard certification course which certifies successful participants in Lifeguard, Professional

Rescuer CPR/AED, First Aid, BBP and AEO. The course combines lectures, demonstrations, video and hands on training. This is a very popular class and space is limited so sign up early! Dates: June 9-13, 2020


How do I decide which level to sign my child up for?
For Water Babies and Aqua-Kids (6-and-up Basic Levels): if your child has participated in our swim lessons program previously, the instructor will have given you a recommended level of registration. If your child is new to the program, please review the level entry requirements and enter your child in the level that best fits their current ability. The first day of the session, the instructor will evaluate your child to determine if they are enrolled in the appropriate level. Adjustments may be made by the instructor post-registration. 

When deciding whether or not to enroll your child in the Swim-for-Life Track or the Junior Eels Competitive Track, consider your child’s interests and motivations. If your child is primarily interested in swimming activities that are recreational then they will most likely prefer the Swim-for-Life Track, where they will build on their skills while participating in a variety of fun aquatic activities such as snorkeling and springboard diving. If your child wants to be a competitive swimmer and join the RACE swim team, then the Junior Eels Competitive track is the right choice. Note: once enrolled in one track or the other, the child must complete the session in the track they began; they may, however, register for a different track once the session is completed.


How do I get started?

A schedule of upcoming lesson sessions is available in our seasonal recreation guide, and online here. In-person registrations are taken at the front desk of the Cascade Swim Center and Activity Center. 


Inclusive programming for participants with disabilities: RAPRD is proud to have a philosophy of inclusion. If your child has a disability and you'd like to discuss accommodations or adaptations please contact Inclusion Coordinator, Brandy Princehorn at 541.815.8379 or you can email her at brandy.princehorn@raprd.org. All consultations are private are conducted with the goal of providing a successful programming experience for your child. You can learn more about our Inclusive Program at https://www.raprd.org/adaptive-recreation.

Private Swim Lessons

Many of our swim instructors offer private lessons on their free time. If you wish to be contacted by one of our instructors

regarding private lessons, please fill out a private lessons contact request form. NOTE: CSC staff cannot solicit, organize or administer private  lessons, while on duty. Private lessons are privately contracted between the patron and the instructor.


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