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Budget Information

RAPRD is required to adopt its annual budget by June 30.  The budget represents a financial operating plan for the district to carry out its mission during the  fiscal year.  The budget documents can be accessed by clicking the links below. 

FY 2024/25 Proposed Budget

         FY 2024/25 Budget Message

         FY 2024/25 Adopted Budget

FY 2023/24 Adopted Budget

         FY 2023/24 Budget Message

         FY 2023/24 Adopted Budget

FY 2022/23 Adopted Budget:

FY 2022/23 Budget Message

FY 2022/23 Adopted Budget

FY 2021/22 Adopted Budget:

FY 2021/22 Budget Message

FY 2021/22 Adopted Budget


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