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Become part of and support a welcoming, and fun Pickleball community that encourages people of all abilities to play, socialize and just have fun!


The Redmond Rock Chuck Pickleball Club (RRCPC), is a public pickleball club, administered by RAPRD and open to anyone. You may register for the club on the CourtReserve App or at Registering an account on CourtReserve is free. Once registered on CourtReserve, you will need to “Add Organization”: Redmond Rock Chuck Pickleball Club. To become a member of RRCPC, there is a $25 individual or a $40 family fee. Membership entitles you to enter into RRCPC events at no cost. Registrants that are not members can pay a $5 drop-in event fee. All events subject to registration limits.

Annual membership runs from May 1st through April 31st. An annual membership fee of $25 (individual) or $40 (family entitles you to:

  • Priority access to four of the eight courts at Sam Johnson Park during peak hours for round robins and other events.

  • Access to club supplies such as portable nets, squeegees, balls, loaner paddles, etc..

  • Free or low-cost trainings and events.

Your membership dues will help support the following:

  • Court improvements (paddle holders, windscreens, etc..)

  • Equipment and supplies

  • Club-sponsored round robin events and other tournaments.

Sam Johnson Park Pickleball Court Guidelines


The Pickleball Courts are designated for Open Play and are unable to reserve except for RAPRD programs. Be respectful and inclusive of players at all levels and ages.

RAPRD Pickleball Program Hours:  (Courts 5-8)

  • 8:00am - 10:00am (Monday-Friday)

  • 5:00pm - 8:00pm (Monday-Friday)

Prime Time Open Play Hours:

  • 8:00am - 11:00am 

  • 5:00pm - 8:00pm

There are limited courts available for open play during prime-time hours.

The following guidelines apply to courts during prime-time open play hours. 

  1. The courts are first come first serve unless reserved for a RAPRD program​

  2. Singles are not allowed during prime-time hours, unless there is an open court &  on no paddles waiting.

  3. Pickleball play is on a rotational basis when all courts are in use and players are waiting.

a. If less than 8 players or less are waiting per 4 courts: 

I. 2 on 2 off; winners must retire after 2 games played to 11 & won by 2

b. If there are 9 or more players waiting:

l. 4 on 4 of; everyone plays one game to 11 win by 2

    4. Players waiting for a court will place their paddle in the paddle organizer. The organizer will have court                    numbers and players waiting to play, should choose which court they want to play on:

a. All players much fully vacate the court at the end of the game. Games are played to 11. No new game can start without first checking the paddle organizer for waiting players.

b. Players finishing a game must place their paddles in the paddle organizer if they wish to play again. A player may not be on the court playing, while also having a paddle in any waiting rotation.

c. Groups much be 2 (singles) or 4 (doubles) players. All players much be present when their court becomes available.

   5. Please enter through the gate closest to the court you are using.

   6. Follow USAPA rules of conduct etiquette. 

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