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Since 2009, RAPRD has proudly provided aquatic activities to benefit the health of our community.


Whether you're looking for a low-impact cardiovascular workout, improved flexibility/balance/movement, post-op recovery, stress relief, or just a great whole body workout, aquatic fitness is ideal.


Redmond Aquatic Wellness is a holistic aquatic health and fitness program. Our classes are no longer “aqua aerobics” classes but Aqua Fitness classes. With our emphasis on muscular strength and endurance, range of motion, posture and stretching. The water is a unique environment making aqua fitness versatile and inclusive. In collaboration with local healthcare providers,

Redmond Aquatic Wellness programs utilize the latest in exercise science to meet the needs of our community. Our program offers classes for all levels of exercisers; from athletes to health seekers, we have a program to suit your needs.


Our Aquatic Wellness classes offer effective classes that are safe and fun. Amazing health and fitness goals can be achieved with water exercise and our programming will help you get there. Instructors work with 4 categories of class styles; Cardio H2O - cardio aerobic focused, Cardio Tone - with the emphasis on muscular strength and endurance, and Circuit Challenge - is a different style for the instructor to group exercise combinations and Waves - a class made up of various intervals. If you have questions or concerns, or to find the right class for you, contact Robin Gaudette, RN, Aquatic Wellness Coordinator at: or call her at (541) 548-6066.


At this time class offerings are limited so that we are able to accommodate all of our aquatic activities in the daily schedule.


Simple Benefits of Water Exercise

Increases: strength, flexibility, energy, the range of motion, muscle tone, oxygen/circulation, endurance, balance, coordination, self-esteem, safety, enjoyment of life.

Decreases: stress, blood pressure, tension, weight, pain, body fat, impact on joints, the risk of injury.


Exercise is easier and less painful when supported by water, from simple movements to those nearly impossible on land. The buoyancy of the water helps protect your joints from the impact that is usually associated with exercising on land. Water provides twelve percent more resistance than movement on land, without the gravitational stress and pain.


Water Adds Resistance and Strength

The resistance of water is perfect for a strength-training workout and is generally twelve times greater than air. Instead of weights and a weight room, the water itself provides a challenge. An easy way to create resistance in the water is to cup your hands and push or pull water away from you; depending on the force exerted, the speed of movement, and the surface area presented, the range of resistance obtainable will adjust. Water surrounds you during the entire exercise routine so resistance is three-dimensional; movement in one direction meets with equal distance in the opposite direction and encourages muscle balance and parity. Hand paddles, flotation barbells or other specific equipment created for the opposition in the water can also aid in increasing the intensity and workload of your workout.


Get Your Feet Wet: Introduction to Aquatic Fitness | Ages 16 & UP | Zoom Virtual Class | FREE

Have you been interested in trying aquatic fitness classes but want to know more? Are you starting a new fitness regimen and want to know what aquatic wellness program best suits your needs? Or are you a current student that wants to make sure you are getting the most from your class? Learn what makes this environment different and how to manipulate the benefits of water in your favor. This class will be offered as a Zoom virtual class. You can participate in the class from your computer, phone or tablet. You must be able to download the Zoom program or app. A camera and microphone are not required but will help you participate and ask questions during the class. You will receive a Zoom invitation and a handout to print the day of class. Contact Robin Gaudette via email at or call her at (541) 548-6066 for more information. Registration is required at An access code to the program will be emailed to registered participants at least 30 minutes prior to the program start time. Pre-registration is required. Sessions are: 5/6 (9am-11am) and 6/1 (11am-1pm).

Wellness Connection | Ages 16 & UP | Cascade Swim Center or Virtually

As part of RAPRD’s Aquatic Wellness Program, all new participants are offered a complimentary Wellness Connection with the Aquatics Wellness Coordinator. A Wellness Connection may include a review of exercise and pertinent health history, blood pressure, heart rate and exploration of your wellness needs and goals related to fitness. This will help you choose the program at the Cascade Swim Center that will fit your needs. Initial appointments can be done via the phone or a virtual meeting on Zoom. You can make an appointment with Robin via email at or call her at (541) 548-6066.              This is a FREE class.

Aquatic Fitness Classes | Ages 16 & UP | M-F | 9:00-10:00am | $3.50 drop-in, $35 month pass

Aquatic Fitness Classes | Ages 16 & UP | W | 6:10-7:00pm

Aqua Fitness is a healthy way to get in shape while having fun. This fitness option limits stress on joints, improves balance and flexibility, cardiorespiratory health, muscular strength and endurance. Classes are designed to give a full body workout and are adjustable to all abilities. No swimming ability necessary. Check out the pool schedule on our website, pick up an Aquatic

Fitness schedule addendum at the pool or check Please contact with any questions or concerns.

Masters Swim | Ages 18 & UP | See Schedules & Fees for days and times

Masters Swim is an adult fitness opportunity that can challenge you in your fitness and competitive goals. Workouts often require the ability to swim at least 500 meters. Coached sessions are Monday & Wednesday at 7:00am and Fridays at 7:30am. Drop-in only, registration not required.

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