Since 2009, RAPRD has proudly provided aquatic activities to benefit the health of our community.


Whether you're looking for a low-impact cardiovascular workout, improved flexibility/balance/movement, post-op recovery, stress relief, or just a great whole body workout, aquatic fitness is ideal.



Simple Benefits of Water Exercise

Increases: strength, flexibility, energy, the range of motion, muscle tone, oxygen/circulation, endurance, balance, coordination, self-esteem, safety, enjoyment of life.

Decreases: stress, blood pressure, tension, weight, pain, body fat, impact on joints, the risk of injury.


Exercise is easier and less painful when supported by water, from simple movements to those nearly impossible on land. The buoyancy of the water helps protect your joints from the impact that is usually associated with exercising on land. Water provides twelve percent more resistance than movement on land, without the gravitational stress and pain.


Water Adds Resistance and Strength

The resistance of water is perfect for a strength-training workout and is generally twelve times greater than air. Instead of weights and a weight room, the water itself provides a challenge. An easy way to create resistance in the water is to cup your hands and push or pull water away from you; depending on the force exerted, the speed of movement, and the surface area presented, the range of resistance obtainable will adjust. Water surrounds you during the entire exercise routine so resistance is three-dimensional; movement in one direction meets with equal distance in the opposite direction and encourages muscle balance and parity. Hand paddles, flotation barbells or other specific equipment created for the opposition in the water can also aid in increasing the intensity and workload of your workout.


Our Aquatic Wellness classes offer effective classes that are safe and fun. Amazing health and fitness goals can be achieved with water exercise and our programming will help you get there. We have classes Monday-Saturday with a variety of hours and class options which change every 4 weeks resulting in automatic cross-training. Instructors work with 4 categories of class styles; Cardio H2O - cardio aerobic focused, Cardio Tone - with the emphasis on muscular strength and endurance, Circuit Challenge - is a different style for the instructor to group exercise combinations and Waves - a class made up of various intervals. We offer our Aqua Gold and Aqua Motion for active older adults, beginners and for those with movement challenges. Aqua Zumba® is a class of traditional water moves and modified dance flavors set to Latin and World music. Pick up an Aquatic Fitness schedule addendum at the pool or check our Facebook page under the Note section for our current schedule and class descriptions. If you have questions or concerns, or to find the right class for you, contact Robin Gaudette, RN, Aquatic Wellness Coordinator at: or call her at (541) 548-6066.

Wellness Connection

As part of RAPRD's Aquatic Wellness Program, all new members are offered a complimentary Wellness Connection with the Aquatics Wellness Coordinator. A Wellness Connection may include a review of exercise and health history, blood pressure and heart rate, exploration of your exercise needs and goals. If physician approval is obtained, a brief assessment may be conducted to assist in measuring improvements and helping you choose the programs at the Cascade Aquatic Center that will fit your needs. You can make an appointment with Robin via email at or call her at (541) 548-6066.


Get Your Feet Wet: Introduction to Aquatic Wellness Days | Ages 16 & UP | 9:00 am-11:00 am | 10/5, 11/2, 12/7

Have you been interested in trying aquatic fitness classes but want to know more? Are you starting a new fitness regimen and want to know what aquatic wellness program best suits your needs? Learn what makes this environment different and how to

manipulate the benefits of the water in your favor. Bring your suit, towel and questions to the pool for one of our Introduction to Aquatic Wellness Days and learn more about your options. Class consists of a 90 minute land presentation and a 30 minute pool session. This class is repeated monthly throughout the fall, winter and spring.


Aquatic Fitness Program  | Ages 16 & UP | Monday-Saturday | $3.50 drop-in, $35 month pass

Aqua Fitness is a healthy way to get in shape while having fun. This fitness option limits stress on joints, improves balance and flexibility, cardio respiratory health, muscular strength and endurance. Classes are designed to give a full body workout and are adjustable to all abilities. No swimming ability necessary. Pick up an Aquatic Fitness schedule addendum at the pool or check the RAPRD Facebook note section for our current schedule and class descriptions.

Aqua Motion | Ages 16 & UP | TU | $3.50 drop-in, $35 month pass

Aqua Motion is an entry-level class for seniors and new or rehabilitating exercisers'. This class follows the Arthritis Foundation protocol for mobilizing joints, strengthening muscles, improving posture, balance and providing a functional type of movement. There is minimal to no bouncing. We will focus on Pilates, Yoga, Tai Chi movements to improve core, range of motion and balance. Please pick up an Aquatic Fitness addendum at the pool or check the RAPRD Facebook note section for our current schedule and descriptions.


Aqua Gold Active | Ages 16 & UP | M/W/F | $3.50 drop-in, $35 month pass

This class is for those of all abilities but geared towards the senior population, beginners and those rehabilitating from injuries. This class follows an interval format of work and rest periods. Intensity options are always offered and encouraged. Class is a total body workout but with an emphasis on cardio respiratory and body composition improvement. Please pick up an Aquatic Fitness addendum at the pool or check the RAPRD Facebook note section for our current schedule and descriptions.

Aqua Zumba® | Ages 16 & UP | See schedule for days and times

Just add water and shake! Latin and World music make Aqua Zumba® fun and exciting. Keeping up to the beat of the music is challenging but you know if you can do it you are getting stronger and dancing!

Silver Splash | Active Older Adults | M & TH | $3.50 drop-in, $35 month pass 

Silver Splash is an aquatic fitness class empowering active aging. Silver Splash is a fun, shallow-wear exercise class that uses a signature splash-board to increase movement and intensity options. Splash is suitable for all skill levels and is safe for non-swimmers. The water environment provides many benefits when used for aerobic exercise and resistance training. Please pick up an Aquatic Fitness addendum at the pool or check the RAPRD Facebook note section for our current schedule and descriptions. If you have questions or concerns, or to find the right class for you, contact Robin Gaudette, RN, Aquatic Wellness Coordinator at: or call her at 541-548-6066.

RAPRD is a partner with Silver & Fit®, Silver Sneakers® and Healthy Contributions for fitness classes, weight/cardio equipment, lap swim and water walking to help older adults achieve better health through regular exercise and health education. These partners provide eligible members with no-cost or low cost fitness memberships and older adult - oriented group exercise classes, through arrangements with certain health plans. Please contact the reception staff at the Cascade Swim Center or RAPRD Activity Center to see if you are eligible for one of these programs.


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