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 Bidding & Contracting

We continue to grow the Redmond Area Park and Recreation District. Through RFPs (request for proposals) and project updates to keep you in the loop on how we are doing, we will continue to make great strides and improvements in our offerings to you our community.


Projects Currently Accepting Proposals

Architectural Services for proposed Community Recreation Center

Request for Proposals - October 7, 2021

Architectural Services RFP Q&A

Q. Would you please tell me if the budget and size of the project have been set?
A. No, the budget and size have not been set for this project.

Q. Is there any intent to study, analyze, or upgrade the existing pool at the Cascade Swim Center as part of this project?

A. At this time there is no plan to study, analyze or upgrade the existing Cascade Swim Center.  However, if you wanted to included an optional cost for this you are welcome to do so.  

Q.  I’m curious if you have been working with an architect already?  Or is this the first time you are engaging a design firm to do some real work on this project?
A.  We completed a Feasibility Study with GreenPlay in 2017 and an architect participated in this project to develop a cost estimate and a draft interior layout for a few different locations. We anticipate that this layout will be adjusted  based on the results of the current (in progress) community needs assessment survey.   

Q.  May we please have a copy of the 2017 Feasibility Study completed for the Redmond Community Center?

A.  Please click here for the link to the 2017 Feasibility Study. 

Q. Other than the community survey this month is other public or stakeholder outreach anticipated with this phase of work?

A. District staff and board of directors will be doing some listening sessions, I anticipate the architect will host two public town hall style meetings.


Q. Since award of the work is based on the proposal deemed most advantageous to the public and the District over the term of the agreement, would you like the fee for services kept separate from the main proposal?

A. The fee can be included in the main proposal.


Q. Are interviews a possibility with the selection process or is it solely based on scores?

A. We are not planning formal interviews, however we may reach out to bidders if we have specific questions pertaining to their proposal.


Q. Does the district have any sustainability goals in mind?

A. We would like to balance cost and sustainability for the building but we are not planning on seeking LEED certification. 


Q. Has a site topographic survey been completed?

A. No


Q. Will this phase of work include concept design and pricing for relocation of the high school bus parking and warehouse building?

A. No, the community recreation center is planned on being constructed property the district owns on SW 35th Street and relocation of the high school bus barn will not occur as part of this project.


Q. Are updates to the 2017 operational budget and pro-forma desired with this work?

A. Operational budget and pro-forma will be updated internally by the district.


Q. Are the firms or teams selected for this RFP precluded from responding to the next RFP for completion of the project and ultimately doing that work?

A. No, the firm/team selected for this will be able to respond to the next phase of the project.

Q. Confirm dates for deadline for questions (we noticed some discrepancies).
A. Questions are due on Oct 25th and the proposal is due on Nov. 2.  

Q. There is no pre-proposal meeting. Correct?
A. Correct, there is no pre-proposal meeting


Q. Do you want to receive proposals in hard copy or digital format? 
A. Please send me hard copies of proposals, but feel free to email me one as well if you are concerned the hard copy won’t arrive before the deadline with the challenges occurring with shipping currently. 


Q. Page 6 of the RFQ, under “Evaluation Considerations” mentions “5. Price” however there is no explanation of what is required to submit for this section.
A. Our Board of Directors will be considering price as part of the proposal.  We are looking for a not to exceed price. An hourly fee schedule may be helpful for them as well just in case there are adjustments to the project after contract signing.  


Q. Is there land use approval process required on the 35th St site?
A. There will be a land use approval process for the 35th Street location, including annexation.


Q. Any need for traffic study? 
A. We have completed a preliminary traffic study.  We are not sure if we will be required to complete a full study at this time.  


Q. Is there a survey with topography, utilities, setback from the power line, etc?  
A. We have not done a topography survey on the site.


Q. Is there a soils report? Bearing capacity and potential of rock?
A. A soils report hasn’t been completed.

Q. If the lap pool rises up to a higher priority in the survey would need assistance on the operational impact of it being include? 

A. The district staff is confident that they can develop an operational estimate so this would not be a requirement of this project. 

Q. It is our understanding that the scope is to produce a conceptual design of a community center, but it does not include full construction documentation prepared for building permit and construction. Is this understanding correct?

A. Yes, This understanding is correct.