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Like other exercises, swimming boosts endorphins that increase feelings of well-being. Plus, the rhythmic strokes and sound of water make swimming much more relaxing. It’s been shown that swimming produces the same “relaxation responses” as yoga, and the stretching and contracting of your muscles can heighten this experience.


Aquatic Fitness Classes | 16 Yrs. & UP | M/W/F | 9:05-9:50am

Aqua Fitness is a healthy way to get in shape while having fun. This fitness option limits stress on joints, improves balance and flexibility, cardiorespiratory health, muscular strength and endurance. Classes are designed to give a full body workout and are adjustable to all abilities. No swimming ability necessary. Check out the pool schedule on our website at Please contact with any questions or concerns.

Lap Swim/Water Walking | All Ages

Swim laps or get an independent workout in our 25 meter pool. Please note the signs and chose the lane/area of the pool commiserate with your activity and skill level. Swim equipment is available for use at no additional charge. Remember to be considerate and share lanes. When 3 or more are lap swimming, all swimmers in the lane must circle swim according to the speed. To “circle swim,” swim down one side of the land and back up the other side.

Recreation Swim | All Ages

Come on down for open swims with the whole family! Diving boards, spa and 25 meter pool. US Coast Guard Approved flotation devices only (no flotation toys or water wings, please). Children below 42” in height or 7 years and under must be accompanied and supervised in the water at all times by a responsible patron 16 years or older. Unaccompanied minors will be required to provide contact information for a parent or guardian prior to entry.

Masters Swim | 18 Yrs. & UP | M/W - 7:00am; F - 7:30am

Masters swim is an adult fitness opportunity that can challenge you in your fitness and competitive goals. Workouts often require the ability to swim at least 500 meters. Coached sessions are Monday & Wednesday at 7:00am and Fridays at 7:30am. Drop-in only, registration not required.

Lifeguarding Classes | Ages 15 Yrs. & UP | 11/20-11/25 |10:00am-5:00pm | Cascade Swim Center

Have you always wanted to be certified as a lifeguard? Or do you have a summer job that requires lifeguard and CPR  certification? This spring, CSC is offering lifeguarding course that, when successfully completed, will certify participants with lifeguarding, CPR, First Aid and AED and BBP. This course combines lectures, demonstrations and video with hands-on training and practice. Participants much be strong swimmers able to swim at least 300 meters (12 lengths) without stopping. This is a very popular class and space is limited so sign up early.

High School Water Polo

Redmond area high school students; are you looking for a fun and challenging team sport to compete in this fall? Water polo registrations are now being taken at RAPRD. 

Redmond Aquatic Club Eels (RACE) | Ages 6-18 Yrs. | Cascade Swim Center

Our mission: to teach children and teens safety, competition and the fun of swimming. RACE is committed to providing an excellent program for children and teens ages 6-18. It is a year round program that is split into two seasons. The short-course season runs September through March and the long-course season runs April through August. Achieving excellence is the result of striving each day to do better than the last.


If you want to be on a swim team, get exercise and have fun then RACE is the club for you. RACE provides youth swimmers with opportunities to travel, compete, develop new friendships, achieve goals and have fun. RACE promotes health and fitness as well as responsibility, commitment and sportsmanship among its members. Swimmers interested in joining the RACE swim team must try out. To arrange for an opportunity to try out email: Head Swim Coach Shane Bennett at


Jessica Rowan and her incredible Aquatic team have been hard at work. Along with RAPRD we are launching a holistic aquatic health and fitness program, the first of its kind in Redmond. The water is an environment with unique benefits, and aquatic exercise is outstandingly versatile and inclusive. 

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