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We love providing recreation programs for all of you and acknowledge that this time of physical distancing and the closures of many public spaces are a challenge to us all. We want to share with you some activities to keep you engaged.  You are important to us and for the next several weeks, we will share resources for you to recreate at home.


We have provided you with some great activities/learning options to help you enjoy your time at home. We will be adding to these over the next few weeks. If you have a fun activity, great website, kid friendly recipes, etc.. that you would like to share, please send the information to We would love to hear from you and will be happy to share your ideas here. 

A Mom recently wrote to us about the activities she, her husband and her children have enjoyed during this pandemic. They have enjoyed their time together. Her children Erin and Trey were hunting for more sites with family activities and found this one...  This is a great site with lots of physical activities to keep everyone moving and energized! Thank you Erin and Trey!

Two create sites have been shared with us. The first one, This site is construction and building projects and activities for kids (of all ages). You're going to love it!


The second site is filled with virtual field trips.. Head out to a zoo, an aquariam, check out an Egyptian Pyramid and so much more all from the comfort of home. 

Another great site of digital learning activities for kids... You will find: a list of 30 virtual field trips, broken down by the core school subjects they relate to and a free downloadable 6-page field trip workbook that kids can use as they check out the many virtual activities listed in the guide. Hours of fun entertainment!


Family Fun Towel Workouts - this is a great and quick family workout. It's a great workout if you need a break from studying or just if you need a break from the day. It's a fun workout for the whole family! Click here to access detailed, pictures of each movement.


Free Fitness Videos is workout videos for every fitness level as well as workout programs and meal plans -

Free Fitness Blender for Kids is a 25 minute workout for kids at home, a great opportunity to get your kids moving while they have lots of fun and laughs doing it -

Empowered with Ms. Jenny White is a set of youtube videos this Bend elementary school teacher has put out to help with our home life. PE Overhand Throw with a Game at the end, Mindfulness Movement - Brain Break, Physical Activity Fitness and Bowling at Home are great videos to engage your children. These are a great break during study times and fun for the entire family. Check it out at

Water Exercise Coach teaches you 6 in 1 movement breaks -

Verywellfit - This is a great website that provides creative fitness routines to try at home, where to stream free workouts, optimize your immune system and so much more.


Skyhawks Sports Virtual Lessons is filled with all kinds of lessons from Super Tots to Raising Dragons, you won't lack for something to do -

85 Creative indoor games, lots of indoor games you have never imagined and will want to play over and over, Mom or Dad gets you setup and off you go -


This is one of my favorites!! I'm outside writing on the sidewalk in puff paint... HOW FUN!! Ingredients:  1 cup flour, 1 cup water, 1 Tbsp dish washing detergent (any kind), 5-10 drops of food coloring or washable paint. Instructions:  In a large mixing bowl, stir together the flour and water until there are no lump, Stir in dish soap. Add food coloring or paint color of your choice. This recipe makes only one color at a time. This recipe doesn't save well so it is the best to use it the same day you make it. YEAH!!

OT Toolbox, here you will find resources, tools, ideas, and activities geared toward the healthy development of kids -

Art and Crafts ideas, 3 crafts, recipes, STEM, distance learning and at-home activities every weekday -

Makers Station, loaded with the most amazing games and activities this site will not let you down and you will come back day after day to engage in new activities -

Chunky blankets - Make your own chunky blanket. It's fun and requires only your two hands. There are a lot of YouTube tutorials that will walk you right through it. It's fun to make and will be great to warm you up during the winter months. 


Oregon zoo you can view live animal videos, does it get any better than that? You get to visit the zoo from home  -

Oregon Coast Aquarium -

Live Cameras, want to go to the aquarium? This is one cool site where you get to see into the Otter's home and see them playing, visit all of your favorite water friends -

Virtual Exploration, archived virtual explorations, all I can say is "what a cool site" -


Deschutes Public Library, Creativebug has thousands of award-winning art & craft video classes taught by recognized design experts and artists -

Youth Tech STEM Activities, Youth Tech Inc. is one of the leaders in STEM activities and projects. Come stretch your mind -

NASA, into learning about space? Go directly to the best spot NASA -

The Portland-based publisher A Kids Book About has created a free e-book called A Kids Book About COVID-19. It's a great resource for talking with children about what's happening and is available in English, Spanish, and as a printable. You can download it for free on their website.

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