Proposed Recreation Center

We continue to grow the Redmond Area Park and Recreation District. Through RFPs (request for proposals) and project updates to keep you in the loop on how we are doing, we will continue to make great strides and improvements in our offerings to you our community.



Redmond Area Park and Recreation District  is in the process of developing a preliminary design for a new  recreation facility to serve the recreational needs of our growing community.  We are seeking public input to assist us with determining the amenities that the community would like to have in a new facility. 


The District hosted an open house on January 18, 2022.  The presentation given during this open house is available for viewing  by clinking on this link: Community Meeting 1 Presentation.   


Attendees of this meeting listened to the presentation and then placed dots on posters that listed potential amenities indicating the four amenities that they feel are a priority.   Comment cards were also handed out to gather more input.  

We are still seeking community input on potential amenities for this facility.  A brief survey which is similar to the comment cards that were handed out a the presentation is available until January 25, 2022.  Please click on this link to access the survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/recreationcenterjan2022

The next Community Open House is scheduled for March 9, 2022.