We have a large variety of fitness programs for individuals of all ages and fitness levels. The beauty of our programs is that you can drop in on a class for free, try it out to see if it's a good fit for you, and then either purchase a punch card or monthly pass. You can take a variety of classes to "mix-it-up" and keep yourself motivated. See below for class details. Review the variety of monthly passes available to you.


Fitness Class drop-in costs $3.50, or purchase a 12 session punch card for $28. Unlimited use of group fitness classes, weights, cardio, basketball, racquetball and Walleyball is just $30 per month with NO contract. All classes are located at the RAPRD Activity Center, 2441 SW Canal, Redmond, OR 97756. All classes are subject to change due to attendance. Please contact the RAPRD Activity Center at (541) 526-1847 for an updated schedule or go to: Activity Center Weekly Schedules.


Group Fitness Classes | Ages 14 & UP | RAPRD Activity Center


Step & Abs

Join this fun choreographed cardio workout with an addition of abs strengthening. This class is great for burning calories and a strong focus on the core! Tuesday - 5:35-6:35 pm

Kickstart Conditioning

Kickstart your morning with this energetic workout that incorporates strength, cardio and core in one workout! This class focuses on toning your muscles with an intermittent cardio burst. Exercises can be modified to accommodate all fitness levels and the workout is different each day. Tuesday - 5:45-6:45 am

Powercut Plus

 Grab your friends for a party! This weight lifting class uses free-weights, resistant bands and fitness balls along with great music to get you through an hour of head-to-toe muscle work. Cardio intervals are injected between strength sets. Every class is different and all levels are welcome. Monday & Wednesday - 9:15-10:20 am; Monday & Wednesday - 5:35-6:35 pm;

Saturday - 9:15-10:20 am

Balance Core & More

This is a blend of Pilates and Yoga moves. Along with added strength and core conditioning, this class is designed to help with flexibility, posture and focus on the core muscles. Flexibility is the most overlooked element of fitness; make it a part of your schedule. Tuesdays & Thursdays - 9:15-10:20 am

MIXxedFit® Dance Fitness

Discover how much fun a workout can be! In this class you will shake, shimmy, pop, drop and more! Want to improve your overall health, coordination and confidence? Think you can’t move your hips or learn a dance? You may be surprised! Many people come for the first time and find they’ve got moves that have waiting to be unleashed! Mondays & Wednesdays -

4:30-5:30 pm

Yoga - Hatha Flow

This class explores the foundations of yoga through a guided practice of classical postures (asana) and simple breathing techniques (pranayama). Class will include standing, balancing, seated and reclining postures. We will work with these movements in both their static (Hatha) and fluid forms (Flow), which will combine together to build strength, flexibility and an overall sense of body awareness. Variations and modifications will be made to accommodate all levels of experience.

Tuesday & Thursday - 4:30-5:30 pm

P90X® Live

A variety of strength training moves, cardio conditioning and core work. This innovative format helps you build strong, lean muscle and bust through any plateaus that stand in your way.

Thursday - 5:45-6:45 pm

Cardio Kickboxing

Jab, cross, hook & uppercut will be the terminology used to get your heart racing in this pre-choreographed martial arts based class. The focus of this class is cardiovascular endurance along with sections of added weights concentrating on all the upper body muscle groups.  Friday - 9:15-10:20 am

Senior Fitness Opportunities

Fitness 4 Life

This class is 20 minutes of low impact moves, 20 minutes of strength exercises designed to increase range of motion, and 20 minutes on balance & flexibility. Hand-held weights, elastic tubing, and fitness balls are offered for resistance. This is a great class for the beginner or the active older adult. Mondays & Wednesdays - 8:00-9:00 am

Zumba® Gold | Ages 50 & up

Experience the dynamic energy of Zumba® Gold in a low impact version. This class is great for active older participants or a true beginner with no previous fitness experience who wishes to infuse Latin moves into their workout. 

Tuesdays & Fridays - 8:00-9:00 am

Movement that Matters | Ages 50 & up

Join Alicia Smith in this great fitness class. This is a total body conditioning class for the over 50 participant. This class incorporates muscle toning and strength exercises, movement to improve balance and gentle stretching. Some exercises are performed seated and some standing. All equipment is provided. First class is free.

Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays - 9:00-10:00 am and 10:30-11:30 am


Silver Splash | Active Older Adults

Silver Splash is the aquatic fitness class empowering active aging. Silver Splash is a fun, shallow-water exercise class that uses a signature splash-board to increase movement and intensity options. Splash is suitable for all skill levels and is safe for non-swimmers. The water environment provides many benefits when used for aerobic exercise and resistance training. For date and times check our schedule on our website, pick up an aqua fitness schedule addendum at the pool or look on our RAPRD

Facebook page under the Note section. If you have questions or concerns, or to find the right class for you, contact Robin Gaudette, RN, Aquatic Wellness Coordinator at: or call her at (541) 548-6066.

Personal Training

Personal Training 

Personal training offers you the opportunity to work exclusively with a certified trainer whose primary focus is to help you reach new heights in fitness, whatever your goals. Each session is one hour long, and is tailored to meet your individual goals. To schedule an appointment please call the RAPRD Activity Center at 541.526.1847.

1 session | $30.00 I/D | $37.50 O/D
5 sessions | $120.00 I/D | $156.00 O/D
10 sessions | $230.00 I/D | $299.50 O/D


RAPRD believes in the philosophy of inclusion, which means that regardless of ability or disability everyone deserves the opportunity to participate and recreate.  We have three types of adaptive programs.


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