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Welcome to our virtual health and fitness challenge for 2021. Our unique challenge will start from RAPRD Activity center; proceed south to the California border, east to Idaho, north to see the Washington State line, to our beautiful coast and back to the Cascade Swim Center. The entire route is 1544 miles in a 12-week period, which you will record on STRAVA when you have done minutes of exercise! The fun part this year is we will release the route every week – we want to be a part of your journey and see how you are progressing. Your route information will be released every Sunday on our website and STRAVA and include a bit of information about the city as well as a health tip you and your family can incorporate into the week. Everyone completing the mileage will receive a punch card to RAPRD! Thanks for participating and we’ll see you on the road!

Fitness Challenge Instructions


  1. Challenge starting point is Redmond, Oregon RAPRD ACTIVITY CENTER.

  2. Destination is Redmond, Oregon RAPRD CASCADE SWIM CENTER.

  3. Starting date is March 1, 2021 and will end May 31, 2021. Participants can join the challenge anytime during the 3 month period.

  4. Total route is 1544 miles.  Keep a monthly log of exercise time (see below).

    1. RAPRD (AC or Swim Center) Activities  - 60 min = 40 miles, 30 min = 20 miles

    2. Activities include – In person or virtual fitness classes, Aqua Fitness classes, Personal Training, time in weight room or on equipment, lap swim and independent water exercise

    3. NON RAPRD Activities  (movement / fitness oriented, i.e. skiing, walking, running) – 60 min = 20 miles, 30 min = 10 miles

    4. Track 60 min and 30 min intervals only please

    5. Tracking your mileage for the fitness challenge will be done online with STRAVA.  STRAVA is a free app that will act as your registration for the event and where you can log your miles or hours (eliminating bringing a paper into the facility for recording)


        1. Create a free account then “request” an invitation to our “club”

        2. From your dashboard >explore>clubs>search “Redmond Area Park and Recreation District” AND highlight the “other” circle>request invitation to club

        3. From here you can hand enter your mileage – as indicated above

        4. When you hand enter your mileage, please give each activity a title such as,  RAPRD class, lap swim, other fitness class, walk (outdoors), etc. 

  5. The final goal is to arrive on or before May 31, 2021 at the Cascade Swim Center, having completed 1544 miles as tracked on STRAVA.  So that we can be a part of your experience and cheer you on, every Sunday beginning Feb 28th a new city for you to travel to during the week will be posted on our STRAVA club page and on our website.

  6. Included in the destination post will be a HEATH tip that you can choose to incorporate into your family’s lifestyle that week (when applicable).

  7. Everyone registered on STRAVA that completes the race by May 31, 2021 will receive a punch card to RAPRD to be used at the Activity Center or Cascade Swim Center.

  8. Honesty is the best policy.

  9. Note:

    1. Total Mileage = 1544 miles

    2. Weekly Mileage (12 weeks) = 129/week

    3. Equal to = 3 classes at RAPRD/week + a bit extra on your own

        THE END!!!               

Camp Sherman, Oregon to Cascade Swim Center

34  Miles to travel!













Thank you for participating.  We will contact you regarding your punch cards.

This week you will finish up at the Cascade Swim Center the other half of RAPRD.

This oldie but goodie pool serves a multitude of functions to our community; fitness classes, therapy usage, lap swim, water walking, rec swims, water polo and swim team practices/meets and private rentals for parties. 

HEALTH TIP:  We are blessed in Central Oregon to have the best exercise mediums for people of all abilities and levels of fitness…and our only pool at RAPRD. There is still a misconception that aquatic fitness is only for people who can’t for some reason exercise on land, amongst other reasons. In Australia aqua fitness is the preferred method for recovery for all Australian rugby and soccer teams. 

Research has proven that if your exertion level in the water is comparable to a land exercise the results are the same.  A compilation of research reported in IDEA 2017 highlights the following benefits of aquatic exercise.  Aquatic training improves; the ability to perform activities of daily living, muscular strength and endurance, lean body mass, and balance and core stability.  Deep water running improves running performance on land and decreases effects of impact by up to 85%.  Properties of water lead to less muscle soreness and damage.  Medically, aquatic exercise may help lower systolic blood pressure.  Improvements have been recorded in the blood sugar of type 2 diabetics by lowering their A1C following a training study of 45 minutes of training, 3 times a week for 12 weeks. 

Programming for younger and middle-aged looking for cardio, dynamic strength, boot camps, HIIT, and mind-body classes has expanded to the water.  Recreational and elite athletes will benefit by; reducing over-use injuries, improving recovery, and supplementing land training and speed training.  The water still caters to people with joint replacements, active older adults, limited mobility and ability, prenatal and postpartum moms, and those with a lifetime of wear and tear on their joints.

Previous Routes and Health Tips


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