Volunteer coaches are needed to make our leagues fun and successful for all players. If you would like to volunteer please contact us at 541-548-7275.
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The Redmond Area Park and Recreation District is proud to be able to offer financial assistance to those in need of participating in our activities. The following conditions apply to our scholarship program:

  • Determination of need is based on monthly household gross income.
  • Each individual is entitled to the amount of $100 per recreation guide ($300 per family) excluding the Adventure Quest/Kinder Quest before and after school programs and Summer in the Park programs.
  • Scholarships expire after 6 months. If you currently have a scholarship we encourage you to reapply before your current scholarship expires.

To apply for a scholarship ask for information at the Cascade Swim Center (541-548-7275) or download the application form by clicking on the link below and submit it along with proof of income to the RAPRD offices at the Cascade Swim Center. Click here for detailed information.

Want to donate to the scholarship funds? You can donate to a particular individual, you can donate to a particular class/activity or you can donate to a league. Just let us know where you wish to have your scholarship dollars spent.

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