Volunteer coaches are needed to make our leagues fun and successful for all players. If you would like to volunteer please contact us at 541-548-7275.
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Welcome to the Redmond Area Park & Recreation District

bike festThe Redmond Area Park and Recreation District 2016 Bike Fest is a fun free family event that will take place on May 20th at John Tuck Elementary from 4:30pm-6:30pm. Too make this a successful event, volunteers are needed. We need your help at the information table, helmet check station, the bike rodeo and the challenge course. If you are interested in volunteering at this fun and exciting event please contact Donevan Karr at bikes@raprd.org.

If you are interested in volunteering at this fun and exciting event, please contact Donevan Karr at bikes@raprd.org.

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Click here for a PDF of the Winter/Spring 2016 Activity Guide

Fall 2015 Cover
Our Winter/Spring 2016 Activity Guide will soon appear in your mailbox or you can pick one up at the Activity Center or Cascade Swim Center.

The Redmond Ice Skating Rink is open and busy. YEAH! Skate On!! Walk a Hound Lose a Pound will take place in April, the National Bike Month is May 2016. We will celebrate Bike Fest 2016 on May 20th. The Rat Race 2016 will take place August 20th; sign-up begins January 1, 2016. Check out the details at www.racetherat.com.

We are so excited to present a jam packed Fall Activity Guide to you.

Adventure Quest is in full swing and we now have Terrebonne Community School joining in. Pre-registration and pre-payment are required by 4:00pm the Saturday prior to attending.

We have a new Adaptive Recreation Day Trip activity. We are very excited and think you will be to. You and your friends will have the opportunity to explore the magic of our wonderful region together.

Yucky Yak, Arts & Crafts, Cooking & Nutrition, No School Day activities, DIY classes, Dance and Music are all back with exciting new classes/activities to keep everyone busy, having fun and making new friends.

The Wild Hearts Ranch has partnered with us for some very exciting classes for Leadership Education and Development (LEAD). The Wild Hearts Ranch is a Wildlife Rescue and Rehibilition ranch. All classes at Wild Hearts Ranch are built on the participant gaining confidence and knowledge about horses, the beautiful creatures that they are. While the participant gathers new confidence, the horse is also gaining a new trust for humans. Their website http://www.wildheartranch.org is filled with inspirational stories of these rescues and the reconnection between human/animal that is the result. None of the classes are riding the horses, it's all about the connection between the horse and the participant, truly a beautiful thing!

We are so excited to present a jam packed Winter/Spring 2016 Activity Guide to you. There is so much fun and education to be had! Grab a guide and get signed up today!!


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